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Bugün, ilk kez, milyonlarca kullanıcımız WhatsApp'ı web tarayıcıları üzerinden kullanabilecek. WhatsApp Web, telefonunuzun basit bir uzantısıdır: web tarayıcısı telefonunuzdaki sohbetlerinizi ve mesajlarınızı yansıtır -- bu tüm mesajlarınız hala telefonunuzda aktif demektir.

Web tarayıcınızı WhatsApp Web'e bağlamak için, Google Chrome tarayıcınızda https://web.whatsapp.com adresini açın. Bir QR kodu göreceksiniz --- kodu WhatsApp'ta tarayın, ve bağlanın. Şimdi telefonunuzdaki WhatsApp'ı, WhatsApp Web'le eşleştirmiş oldunuz. WhatsApp Web'in çalışması için telefonunuzun internete bağlı kalması gerekmektedir ve telefonunuza WhatsApp'ın en güncel surümünü indirdiğinizden emin olun. Maalesef şu anda, Apple platformunun kısıtlamalarından dolayı WhatsApp Web'i iOS kullanıcılarımıza sunamıyoruz.

WhatsApp Web'in günlük yaşantınızda yararlı olacağını umarız.


Thanks to all of you, half a billion people around the world are now regular, active WhatsApp users. In the last few months, we've grown fastest in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia, and our users are also sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day. We could go on, but for now, it’s more important that we get back to work – because here at WhatsApp, we’re just getting started.

Setting the record straight

Since announcing our upcoming partnership with Facebook, we’ve been truly humbled by how much attention our story has received. As a company, we’re excited to continue focusing on offering as many people as possible the chance to stay connected with friends and loved ones, no matter who they are or where they live.

Unfortunately, there has also been a lot of inaccurate and careless information circulating about what our future partnership would mean for WhatsApp users’ data and privacy.

I’d like to set the record straight.

Above all else, I want to make sure you understand how deeply I value the principle of private communication. For me, this is very personal. I was born in Ukraine, and grew up in the USSR during the 1980s. One of my strongest memories from that time is a phrase I’d frequently hear when my mother was talking on the phone: “This is not a phone conversation; I’ll tell you in person.” The fact that we couldn’t speak freely without the fear that our communications would be monitored by KGB is in part why we moved to the United States when I was a teenager.

Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible: You don't have to give us your name and we don't ask for your email address. We don’t know your birthday. We don’t know your home address. We don’t know where you work. We don’t know your likes, what you search for on the internet or collect your GPS location. None of that data has ever been collected and stored by WhatsApp, and we really have no plans to change that.

If partnering with Facebook meant that we had to change our values, we wouldn’t have done it. Instead, we are forming a partnership that would allow us to continue operating independently and autonomously. Our fundamental values and beliefs will not change. Our principles will not change. Everything that has made WhatsApp the leader in personal messaging will still be in place. Speculation to the contrary isn’t just baseless and unfounded, it’s irresponsible. It has the effect of scaring people into thinking we’re suddenly collecting all kinds of new data. That’s just not true, and it’s important to us that you know that.

Make no mistake: our future partnership with Facebook will not compromise the vision that brought us to this point. Our focus remains on delivering the promise of WhatsApp far and wide, so that people around the world have the freedom to speak their mind without fear.


Almost five years ago we started WhatsApp with a simple mission: building a cool product used globally by everybody. Nothing else mattered to us.

Today we are announcing a partnership with Facebook that will allow us to continue on that simple mission. Doing this will give WhatsApp the flexibility to grow and expand, while giving me, Brian, and the rest of our team more time to focus on building a communications service that’s as fast, affordable and personal as possible.

Here’s what will change for you, our users: nothing.

WhatsApp will remain autonomous and operate independently. You can continue to enjoy the service for a nominal fee. You can continue to use WhatsApp no matter where in the world you are, or what smartphone you’re using. And you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication. There would have been no partnership between our two companies if we had to compromise on the core principles that will always define our company, our vision and our product.

On a personal note, Brian and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of a small team of people who, in just under five years, built a communication service that now supports over 450 million monthly active users worldwide and over 320 million daily active users. They have helped re-define and revolutionize communication for the 21st century, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Our team has always believed that neither cost and distance should ever prevent people from connecting with their friends and loved ones, and won’t rest until everyone, everywhere is empowered with that opportunity. We want to thank all of our users and everybody in our lives for making this next chapter possible, and for joining us as we continue on this very special journey.

400 Million Stories

A few short years ago, my friend Brian and I set out to build a messaging service with a single focus: best possible user experience. We bet that if our team of engineers could make messaging fast, simple, and personal, we could charge people directly for the service without having to rely on annoying banner ads, game promotions, or all those other distracting “features” that come with many messaging apps.

Today, we’re proud to announce that because of you, WhatsApp has reached a milestone that no other mobile messaging service has achieved: 400 million monthly active users, with 100 million active users added in the last four months alone. This isn’t a count of people who just registered for WhatsApp - it’s the number of people who are actively using the service every single month.

When we say that you made this possible, we mean it. WhatsApp has just 50 employees, and most of us are engineers. We’ve arrived at this point without spending a dollar on targeted ads or big marketing campaigns. We’re here because of all the people who share their WhatsApp stories with co-workers, friends, and loved ones - stories we love to hear.

There was the woman from New Zealand who moved to South Africa to complete her PhD. The week before she left to go back home, she met the man of her dreams. Despite living thousands of miles apart, she told us that WhatsApp has allowed them to feel closer than ever.

We also heard from a British woman who runs a charity in Uganda. She told us that her team on the ground uses WhatsApp to send daily reports, photos, and videos of the children they’re helping, which she shares to build support for her organization all over the world.

Doctors in India are using WhatsApp to instantly send electrocardiogram pictures of patients who’ve suffered heart attacks, saving valuable time and potentially lives. In the mountains of Madrid, rescuers used WhatsApp to locate and save lost hikers. And today, as I follow the unfolding political crisis in Ukraine, the place where I was born and lived until the age of sixteen, I can’t help but hope that the next great WhatsApp story will be about people using the service to speak their mind and stand up for their basic rights.

Our goal in creating WhatsApp was to empower people through technology and communication, no matter who they are, or where they live. We wanted to improve people’s lives in some small way. So thank you for making that possible. Thank you for sharing your stories, and please, keep them coming - we can’t wait to hear what you’ll use WhatsApp for next.

Introducing Voice Messages

We spend a lot of time at WhatsApp thinking how we can make keeping in touch easier, and we know there’s no substitute for hearing the sound of a friend or family member’s voice. So today we are introducing a new feature we are truly excited about: Voice Messages.

We are releasing Voice Messages on all of our platforms simultaneously. We worked very hard to make sure that iPhone and Android devices have perfectly working Voice Messages functionality, and we put extra effort into making sure that BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone users can enjoy the same rich and powerful Voice Messaging experience.

To learn more about Voice Message and how it works, take a look at this video we made:

You can also read our FAQ entry if you want to learn more about Voice Messages for your specific phone:


We hope you will enjoy Voice Messages as much as we enjoyed building it.

iPhone v2.10.1 release notes

Today we released a new version of WhatsApp for iPhone. This is our first update this year and it brings a few major changes we’re excited to tell you about.

First, we are updating our business model for new iPhone users going forward. As you know, we used to charge iPhone users a $.99 one time payment, while Android and other platforms had free service for the first year and paid $0.99 a year after that. From now on, we’ve simplified our business model so that all users on all platforms will enjoy their first year of WhatsApp service for free, and only pay $.99 per year after that. We feel that this model will allow us to become the communications service of the 21st century, and provide you the best way to stay in touch with your friends and family with no ads getting in the way. The good news for all current iPhone users is that WhatsApp will be free of charge for the rest of your life.

Second, we’ve added an option to backup your message history to iCloud. We spent the last six months working to make iCloud backup as simple and user friendly as possible. On your iPhone, go into ‘WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup’ if you want to back up your conversation history. When you reinstall the app, you will be prompted to restore from iCloud during the initialization process.

Third, since we’re engineers at heart, we’ve introduced developer hooks into WhatsApp. We’ve had many other iOS developers ask us for API hooks to make interfacing with WhatsApp easy. Now you can do that. Learn more at <../../iphone/tr/23559013.md>

That's all folks. We hope you will enjoy this new release.

Life's Change Agent and the iPhone 3G

Many people are asking why we've stopped supporting the iPhone 3G. It's because Apple has stopped supporting old iOS versions and old iPhones in their most recent version 4.5 of Xcode, which is the tool (the only tool) that engineers use to make iPhone apps.

The iPhone 3G has a special place for me in my heart - it was the first smartphone I bought in January of 2009 and it was the first phone on which we started developing WhatsApp just a month later.

Then as now, however, we must follow Apple's lead on all things related to the iPhone. Their pace of innovation has a price of forced obsolescence.

Biz neden reklam satmıyoruz?

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.
– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Brian ve ben Yahoo'da toplam 20 yıl  geçirdik, ve siteyi çalışır durumda tutmak için çabaladık. Ve evet, reklam satmak için çalıştık, çünkü Yahoo'nun yaptığı buydu. Maksatları veri toplamak, sayfalarını sunmak ve reklam satmaktı.

Biz Yahoo'nun Google tarafından hem boyut hem ulaşım açısından gölgede bırakıldığını izledik…daha çok verimli ve daha karlı bir reklam satıcısıydı. Ne aradığınızı bildikleri için, hakkınızda verileri verimli şekilde toplayabilip daha iyi reklam satabiliyorlardı.

Bugünlerde şirketler tam anlamıyla her işinizi biliyorlar, arkadaşlarınızı, ilgi alanlarınızı, ve hepsini reklam satmak için kullanıyorlar.

Üç yıl önce, birlikte kendi işimizi kurmaya karar verdiğimizde, biz sadece başka bir reklam takası olmaktansa, daha farklı bir şey yaratmak istedik. Biz, insanlara kullanışlı ve onlara zaman kazandıracağı, küçük bir şekilde hayatlarını daha iyi yapabileceği bir hizmeti yaratabilmek icin uğraşmak istiyorduk. Biz biliyorduk ki, bütün bunları yerine getirdiğimizde, o zaman ücretini doğrudan halk'tan alabilirdik. Biz herkesin önlediği ve istemediği reklamları  ortadan kaldırabileceğimizden inaniyorduk.

Hiç kimse, ne "aman bugün, daha fazla reklam görecegim" diye heyecanla uyanır, ne de tam uykuya dalmak üzere yarın göreceği reklamları düşünür. Ama biliyoruz ki, insanlar o gün sohbet ettikleri kişiden dolayı, o gece heyecanlı (veya edemediklerinden dolayı hayal kırıklığına uğramış) şekilde uykuya dalacaklar.  Biz, WhatsApp sizi uyanık tutan bir ürün olmasını istiyoruz… ve sabahları kalktığınızda düsündüğünüz ilk şey olmak istiyoruz. Hiç kimse bir reklam görmek için uykusundan atlamaz.

Reklam sadece estetiğin bozulması, zeka hakareti ve düşüncelerin kesilmesi değildir. Bütün reklam satan firmalarda, mühendislik ekiplerin önemli bir bölümünün görevi, tüm kişisel verileri toplamak, daha iyi kod yazmak, tüm veri sunucuları yükseltmek, verileri harmanlamak, dilimlemek, paketlemek, vs. ve sevk ... Ve bunun tüm sonucu, bilgisayar veya cep ekranınızda biraz farklı bir reklam afişin olması.

Unutmayın ki, reklamcılık söz konusu olduğunda kullanıcı ürünüdür.

WhatsApp'te, bizim mühendislerimiz yanlışlıkları düzelterek, yeni özellikler ekleyerek, ve bizim tüm ufak inceliklerimize bakarak, esas görevimiz olan dünyanın her telefonuna zengin, ekonomik, güvenilir mesajlaşma getirmek icin uğraşıyorlar. Bizim ürünümüz ve tutkumuz budur. Verinizi düşünmüyoruz bile. Gerçekten herhangi şekilde ilgimizi çekmiyor.

Bize WhatsApp için neden ücret talep ettiğimizi sorduklarında, biz "alternatifi düşündünüz mü?" diye soruyoruz.

Sending Places and Group Icons

Today we wanted to write a blog post about two new exciting features we have recently introduced. We hope you will enjoy them and use them frequently.

Send place

First feature is an improvement on the current "Share Location" functionality. Historically our "Share Location" functionality allowed you to send your location to your chat partner or to your group chat. It is useful if you want to share your approximate location on a map. We got a lot of feedback asking for ability to share a specific place - for example, when you waiting to meet friends in a bar, at a restaurant or some other physical place. We have added this feature on top of the existing "Share Location" functionality. Now when you use "Share Location", you can either send your Current Location right away or wait a few seconds for places near you to load and pick from. If you haven't used "Share Location" before, this graphics shows you how to get to Share Location menu on iPhone, BlackBerry or Android devices:

Once you enter "Share Location" menu, you will be presented with an option to send your Current Location immediately as you have always been able to in the past. Alternatively, if you wait a few seconds, you will be presented with a list of places nearby. Once you select the place to send, it will appear in the conversation. You can tap on the name of the place to get more information about it or you can tap on the map thumbnail to view the place on the map. This is what selecting places and viewing places looks like on the iPhone:

This is what selecting places and viewing places looks like on the Android:

This is what selecting places and viewing places looks like on the BlackBerry:

Group Icon

Second new feature we want to talk about is ability to set a Group Icon for your group chat. We wanted to give all of you the ability to personalize your group chat by attaching a custom icon to your group. For example, if you have a group chat about soccer, you can use a photo of a soccer ball as the group icon.

Anybody can set or change the group icon when viewing Group Info. This is how you get into the Group Info:

Once you enter Group Info, simply tap or click on the Group Icon to set it or change it:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more cool and innovative features as we continue to iterate and improve our product.