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It has been about two months since our last blog entry. We've been meaning to write something up, but we've been really busy working on all the new features you've been requesting (version 2.3 will be simply amazing btw!)

Yet, we never imagined that our next blog post would be about this.

Here is the story. Two days ago a developer of a competing application decided that instead of working on his software, he would go into iTunes, create about ten different accounts, and spread lies and misinformation about what our application does.

So first of all, let's set the record straight. We have not, we do not and we will not ever sell your personal information to anyone. Period. End of story. Hopefully this clears things up.

That being said, we get a lot of emails and tweets thanking us for such a wonderful application and until now, we haven't asked for anything in return. Unfortunately, circumstances have changed. We now need your help and in a way this is our call to action to you, each and every one of you.

Problematically, those fictitious reviews and fake accounts have rated each others reviews as "Helpful". This pushes the spurious reviews to the top and scares away new and existing users. So instead of spending today working on software development, we pretty much spent all day answering people's emails and concerns on this subject.

So, this is where you, our awesome users, can help us:

First, launch iTunes by clicking on this link.

That link should display all the fictitious reviews. They are easily identified by a very similar writing style and by having been written on the same day. You will see about ten of them from usernames such as 90sMusic, theTechGuy18, KenyeWest, listenhererightnow, googlereader, blitzcrank, etc.

We need your help discrediting these reviews. You can do this by clicking on the "No" link in the "Was this review helpful? Yes/No" section at the bottom right-hand corner of each review:

If enough people choose "No", the helpfulness ratio will go down and the reviews will automatically demote to the bottom and out of sight.

In exchange for your help, we promise to our users that we will only spend our time on improving our software and adding features; never on stunts like this. We are engineers. We like to write code. And, we want to bring you the best applications possible. It is simply not fun when lawyers get involved and take our time away from that.

Thank you for your help and support,

-- WhatsApp Inc. team

...and to the developer of the competing app, who shall remain nameless, we have four words for you: "karma is a bitch". And if you don't like those four words, here's four more: "We have retained counsel."